RYIHA is Becoming More Social

RYIHA is Becoming More Social

At the beginning of the 2017-18 season the RYIHA Board members decided it was a good idea to improve its profile on social media. To do this we first had to move away from the old Youth-Hockey profile that was created a few years ago and create a proper business page.

With a proper business page in place, the board, families and fans can easily share our events, fundraisers and other important messages easily—without having to worry about privacy settings and security.

The addition on the RYIHA Facebook Group will, allows approved followers (our families and coaches) to share messages, photos and more with each other in a convenient, safe space.

So please be sure to Like Us and Follow the Group! We look forward to grwing the Association and the Roxbury Youth Ice Hockey Community together and with you!

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